sister's lament

It is with great sadness that I put these in words...
My sister Cristina passed away.
Cristy, as we called her was born deaf.We grew up together learning this beautiful language...our own sign language.She was enrolled in a special class for her education.She was loved most and adored by her kindness by her schoolmates. She was a year younger than me and because of that I have this bond with her friends. I remember it was her birthday and she asked me to play the music of their choice in my cassette tape. They danced and giggled. I was happy they loved the music. I know they don't hear it but hey!..dancing is more fun with sounds isn't it?
She is very fond of collecting nice hankerchiefs (oh! we've come along way,no one uses it now). Little twin stars,My melody,Snoopy to name a few. I always borrowed it (hmmn..without asking?). She is raging mad when she found out.She is furious about it. I never repeated it again.
During our adolescent years, one of her classmates wrote several love letters for me. I didn't mind him but she insist I have to reply back because he was insisting on her..and so I did. One day she asked me, how come nobody gave her love letter. I day you will when you grow up. I know she wanted to be admired.
Everyone that knows her, admires her. She is such a beauty with her porcelain skin.
She has her dreams of riding a plane and to go skiing.
As she grew up, feeling of isolation grows. She lived in her own world. All the things that once mattered to her now changes. She lived her life away from everybody but us.
She lives childlike, no judgement of other people, her heart so pure and innocent.
Now her disability and pains are gone. She isn't hurting or afraid anymore.
I take solace knowing that she is now in heaven. Without a doubt earned her eternal reward.
Sorrow indeed prepares us for joy.
My memories of her, I shed tears that she is gone and smile because she lived.
I said my goodbyes over the phone with her and has the priviledge to be with her in my last vacation.
She is now with the greatest love she would ever imagined. I will surely missed her dearly.
I don't have a picture of her but I have this white moth I saw very early this morning at my door. I believed this embodies her pure soul and she is visiting me.

written June 7,2013 
It's been a month now. Beautiful memories of her gives me comfort and lives on.