sky is the limit

"... after the rain, the sky is the limit..."


sleeping beauty

What would make her waken?
so full of serenity, so peaceful, lovely and pure 
If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life...

"...I will be Sleeping Beauty... literally
and will be awaken even without a gentle kiss to break the spell...
Have a wonderful Halloween !"



"...and as we receive love, so we learn to pass it on.."

make believe

"...the beauty of pretending in Halloween..."


old times

"...maybe we'll start to cry and wonder why,we ever walk away...
maybe the old songs,will bring back the old times and makes us want to stay..."

I missed my cassette...where did the time goes?


pearls & lace

"...for me, it is an epitome of grace  with a seductive grin..."


Burnt coral

"...October's all aglow is on its end...there is sadness in the air ..."


mint + chocolate

 " perfectly together...some are really mint meant to be..."


paying it forward

"...travelling and different time zones gets a toll out of me. I'm happy to be back again and 
armed with new initiatives at work.While on the plane,I ordered a cheese platter and 
to my surprise it was paid already by the person next to me..
I thanked and said my appreciation...hmmnn...talking about true giving...
now I'm thinking of paying it forward to another stranger when I go to starbucks..."


back to business

"...I will be away on a two day business trip..."



"...we all get by through a little help from our friends..."

work or play?

"...I am sitting and my mind is drifting...
I think of romance and day dreaming
 like barefoot walking,lots of it..."


all to you

"...just say ALL TO YOU...and the rest will fall into place..."


happy again!

"...I'm singing in the rain,  just singing in the rain
what a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again..." 


change of heart

"...Change brings new beginnings and excitement to life
It brings new choices...though my heart belongs to Summer
the pink gloves for this cold weather is just as perfect...
what a lovely way to start loving Fall/Winter..."


the lost pair

"the temperature is dropping  and I need socks...MORE socks please!
true happiness is in finding the pair..."


the purple tree

I love the story of the little girl who showed her teacher a picture she painted of a tree.
 The tree was purple
The teacher said, "Sweetheart, I've never seen a purple tree, now have I?"
"Oh?" said the little girl. "That's too bad."


 "...there is a secret joy in standing by for what you believe in without proving..."

story:Marianne Williamson

thank you lord!

" with your one generous heart and
your  love so divine
I love you."

there is so many to write about and be thankful for