Oh! Canada

I love the classic Hudson blanket...enjoy it with a company this long weekend or
be just as fabulous by yourself while humming  Oh! Canada...


friends a delight

"Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your friends is an adventure."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -emily smith

how true and more exciting it turns out when you just let your day 
unfold itself with your friends around

Happy long weekend Canada!


happy happy

I lost weight....
just counting one of my joys



Today is my day off but there are endless lists to do
I am happy knowing I will end my day with cupcake...


look forward

I know its going to be a gorgeous day and
 I'm looking forward with the dinner tonight.
I love days like this when I look forward...
Happy Monday!


picture perfect

“A beautiful thing is never perfect.” ~Proverb

sometimes we forgot that our life is so beautiful already as it is
we desire for more pleasure and we lose track on 
what would actually made us feel fulfilled.


summer thoughts

patiently waiting for summer at its peak
when Sun is at  its generous...

 {just the thoughts of it gives me warmth feeling}


ah summer

savouring its first day....


sweet day!

pink and macaroons...
my heart smiled.


letting go

 It is in the struggle to forgive that you find wholeness. 
 As you practice forgiveness, you discover love in such a way that it is more natural,
 more readily available, more deeply expressed, and more consistently
 expressed by you across the board.

 letting go gets it all done


real charm and beauty

Loving relationships doesn't mean agreeing all the time.
 It is made of  annoyances,disagreement,irritation and disappointments.
 It is being true to yourself and learning to deal with it without judgement.
but sometimes we choose to resist...

{it's only in fairy tales that life unfolds accordingly}

It’s only when we stop learning together that we start to grow apart.

mirror mirror

welcome the face that faithfully see you everyday
       instead of focusing on how you aged, wrinkles and lines
embrace the woman that you become
each morning slap on beautiful and happy thoughts
 in between moisturizer and sunscreen
{a little or lots of mascara will do too!}

be proud to wear you


settle not

If I settle for less than what I want, I lose.
 My failed choices leads to anger and bitterness that
 overpower  the true person that I am
In the end I know I deserve my own respect
and I always go back to the type of love I would like to receive.

know yourself truly before you adorn yourself.


bright weekend

don't just be green with envy...
 its time to update your wardrobe with the latest colorful hue


tea love affair

One of my most cherished rituals is having tea..
It  is no denying its my love at first sip. 
I was amused on how the tea leaf opens.
I love the feel of my fingers against the warm cup.
It surely does comfort me in my solitude.
More it  pleasures me with company and oh!
 the best sweetener to go with it is topic about love.
Tea time on a Friday night is the much awaited time for me...


walk in the rain

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.   -roger miller

rainy days always gets me us down
when someone agrees that its a lousy weather..we feel good.
the  sunny side of it... is wearing fashionable gum boots.


art wall

I love this collection of frame art and I am thinking of making this one
and adding it to my art wall.
I remember this project in elementary.
It will for sure bring back old memories when me and my
older brother and sister used to draw,watercolor and make all sorts of art
and I  felt so peaceful doing that.


living in the moment

Some days its better to live away from blackberry 
just be totally alive in the moment
looking out of the window  for nonsensical
thoughts about inspiring thing
smiling for no reason at all


just june

just welcoming June
a lot to smile about 
heart warming thoughts
and warmer weather

be bold!

Be Bold...Be Beautiful this weekend...
You can never have too much fun


friday cheers!

 Here’s to the starry nights and careless freedom, 
 to glowing smiles and flushed cheeks, 
and laughter that heals you deep inside.” 

image: whatalicesaw