celebrate life!

life is a celebration, make sure you are always dress for it.

to celebrate is to live love and an open heart.
at least that's the way I see it.
when your heart is open its creates space...more space for happiness
more space for love to get in
more reason to celebrate life.
I will surely dress the part and be responsible for the energy I am giving away.
Have a great start of the week!


wonder of weekend

I know all weekends are not always spend on doing nothing...but if you can, why not? 
Little things to do are still things to do.
Drop the dishes, don't make the bed, shoes on the floor {who cares}
Just prolong the wonderful experience of waking up...
as they say there is an art of doing nothing...how lucky if you mastered it.


Happy Friday!

flowers, Friday ,tea and colour yellow...always see beauty in the ordinary,
what more can I ask for today.


through thick and thin

Through Thick and Thin

from passing grades...boring beige manicures..stockings and handbags...shopping...
proofreading love letters... endless crushes..breakups...weddings...dreams fulfilled...
kids..single life{once more}...more breakups{sigh!}...a new found love...
more shopping...gossip...tea...more tea...more gossip...
loving..cry me a river...smoky clouds{literally}...
more new found love...
secret lessons{censored!}... Successes...soul awakening...
Triumphs...Believing...to finding two true love{wink!}

Happy Birthday to you my Friend!
I am one lucky lady to have you.

yes, weekend!

                                     "Nothing in the world is more expensive than a woman 
                      who's free for the weekend."


weary heart

If you're weary
take what you can carry
and leave behind 
the rest.


"how could an angel break my heart?..."

can' take my eyes..

pardon the way that I stare
there's nothing else to compare
the sight of you makes me weak
there are no words left to speak


iron lady

Do you have one of those days when you realized you need to pull out the iron...
this is one of the chores I am not excited about.
When shopping for clothes,I normally would choose a fabric that holds its shape 
and would put the washer always on perm press..all these I do just to avoid ironing.
But I know of someone who does enjoy ironing and finds it really relaxing...
relaxing??...I would burn my clothes!
Have a great Tuesday!.. ironing or not.


wonderful week!

count your blessings and give thanks...


it's the weekend..

stay under the sheets a little longer than usual...
have a great one!

over joyed!

crazy things we do when we are in love..
over loved..

pure joy!

there is pure joy in dressing up and going out...

oh how I love days like this..


"that whisper you keep hearing is the universe trying to get your attention...."
                                                                                                                        ~oprah winfrey


just be

what else could you do?


perfume lover

"wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed..."
~coco chanel

...right now I am crazy  at the wonderful light smell of Chance by Chanel...
and I love to put perfume on my shoulder.


beautiful thoughts

the first to apologize is the bravest..
the first to forgive is the strongest...
and the first to forget is the happiest.


happy easter!

..the spirit of easter is all about hope, love and joyfull living..
~author unknown

some quietness

  spend some quietness this lovely long weekend by yourself...doing what you love or
 simply enjoying time with your loved ones..

beautiful day!

                                                                                        be merry in the blossoming..


oh! love


 I just have to share with you how adorable this picture and this put a smile on my face.
someone professing love and accepting it... 


with all these colours of spring ... I found joy and yet again.

Sweet April

a new month...I will live the hope inside of me..


Sunday Papers

When I read newspaper, I always start with Arts and Entertainment.My eyes will be drawn on Living, Food.. my mind for awhile will be lost in Fashion and Travel {my heart racing fast!}
next for me will be Business...I will be serious here for a moment analyzing  Finance section,the Market, checking new technology and anything Business{ my heartbeat..even...}
My next stop will be Health..how the body works and what food to sustain..and how it reminded me to exercise {everytime I feel guilty!}..and after that I will flip on Current Events...this time I will continue to  read if I have more time...:)
So there goes how I read my paper..what about you?