happy weekend

can you be endless...??

mulberry resort 2012

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frame of mind

  my personal favorite!

I am a BIG FAN in frame grouping...mine is still a small group but it will grow in time, let me tell ya.
..why not frame all the things that you adore like kids artwork, personal mementos, travel pics,
your collectibles..ideas to do this are endless...
but FIRST STEP you need to look for frames!..
ahh...what a nice excuse to shop..if only i could come with you.


BROWN {Burberry inspired}

abundant in nature.. signifies reliability and structure.

{be mine}

now that i found you...i would never let you go.

hello monday + denim do's

Welcome Monday...while many of you are starting your week..I haven't finished mine. I worked last weekend and missed out enjoying our gorgeous weather.Next week will be a long weekend for us so I am looking forward to that...

my true joy

..."and then my soul saw you and it kind of went
 oh there you are..I've been looking for you."..

first, QUIET MOMENTS..meaningful prayer..examining my life daily..
openly and honestly leads to happiness..

second, I LOVE TEA...coffee is so jealous..

third, BOOKS ...hardbound lifestyle books and opening my
magazine subscription wrap in plastic...pure excitement!

fourth,  BEAUTIFUL SPACES..need I say more?..
fifth, SHOPPING...got to include this... I need to be realistic here...*=)
my adventures to temptations...

sixth, PRICELESS...i love warmth...the breeze(do you feel it?)
...quietness of nature and anything in between...

seventh,  CONTENTMENT...I make an effort not to look for what I don't have...

eight, FRIENDS...a few nurturing ones where I spill my secret desires,
 freedom to be myself increases contentment

ninth,  DREAMS...I found thrill in the hope of someday...
inspiring vision of the future make me smile...

tenth, SISTERS..dad,mom,brothers...I treasured growing up with them..

eleventh,  ROMANCE...thoughts about love..sweet nothings..
I pause every end of a love story..I believe true love waits...
twelve,  MY SON...my "H's"...my spirit soared!

I hope you find inspirations and joy as well.

images: we heart it

summer thoughts

...endless summer, take me there..