Good Great things come to those who wait
If this saying is true...then whats the point of rushing? 

patiently waiting

I'm patiently waiting for summer

SUN...i know i saw you today.. but please don't ever leave

bright cheers

                    It is better to play than do nothing.

May your weekend be much longer than anticipated.
Bright cheers to everyone!

oversized clutch

This ones my favorite that it's foldable
 for a daily classic look...
textured it!
this ones a great accent!
classic for the sophisticated
This ones flirty for summer
definitely casual
year round style for this one.

Oversized clutch are the latest in runways and are here to stay. Your shoulder will be happy but then your hands will be matter what.. if you love it... gotta have it!


Beautiful shoes takes you to beautiful places.
I think this holds true for all of us...when we're going somewhere really special 
isn't it it's always with the BEST SHOE {now I wonder if I have louboutins???}


summer lovin'


Today is a very lovely day...everyone for sure is so happy to see the sun 
hmmnn..SUMMER {forget about tomorrow!}


work and play

 work hard..

... play harder.
Don't be caught up with too much work {like I always do!}.
make sure you always have time for yourself...
free time to enjoy the moment, shop,soak,beautify yourself ..that stuff..