trick or treat?

As my thoughts flies, I'm thinking a sexy Disney character...
being captivated by a Pirate and falling in love..
 have a spooktacular weekend...


Everyday Friday

Now that my hair is brown...what I need next is to catch up with my reading...
I bought a book Everyday Friday by Joel Osteen...
love his insights on living life and being happy.
He said people are happy on a why not make it everyday Friday.
I have to catch up and spend more time reading this book and
 I need to open my magazines subscriptions which is counting into 4 now...all unopened..



 cake for breakfast...its going to be a lovely day!

love leopard

I am a big fan of leopard prints but worn in small doses..very classic..chic and sophisticated...

I'm dreamin' this leopard sunglasses

Oh my! ..this floor is to die for..

 Olivia is pure perfection!...leopard blouse plus two-toned shoes...

  lovin' this tassled clutch

coats + bags

with  days getting can never have too many jackets and of'course...bags..


monday is great

 I never loved Monday like this...I worked the weekends and tomorrow 
will be the much awaited day off...I am loving blush color...its the color of love.
Lately as well.. I've been contemplating of having my hair
highlighted like this- dark on top and streaky  lighter down...
These are my inspirations to start this fabulous week...Monday never felt this good!

images via whatiwore,inspireddesign

he loves me.

he loves me...he loves me not...he loves me..he loves me!
oh,how sweet it is to think about love.


happy weekend!

as always..I can't find the right shoe...


love by

..I realized chances comes not only once..there is hard work to stay in love...choice is really a decision.,leboudoirdemademoisellem

fortune cookie

Without messages, quotes, phrases or funny sayings 
a Fortune Cookie would just be .... any other cookie.

                                              Make today the day to believe fortune cookie...
  believing would likely make it come true!

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012

Louis Vuitton on a bevy of girls sitting atop of a carousel of prancing white horses..
tinkling strains of a music-box melody...
how sweet it was—everything candy-colored and trimmed with big lacy collars and oversize white buttons....
The fashion merry-go-round keeps spinning

images via vogue

  more spring 2012 valentino & chanel


Listen. Pay attention. Treasure every moment.”
― Oprah Winfrey

how long..

Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second. innocent thought...but is true...
may you have a great start of the week

happy weekend!

its the weekend...indulging a little wont hurt...



life's a speedy and an awesome gift...

how time flies!...have faith and stick to the thrill of hope someday...


just be.

 live for the moment..  just let go and just be.

images via stylemepretty

little things

it is the sweet and simple things of life are the real ones after all...

...I'm enjoying my new ceramic white cup and now thinking of buying the knitted sleeves on picture..
unbelievable, but I ate breakfast today{a good sign!}...happy to wake up with messages.. and lingering love thoughts.. 
I hope you locked in good feelings too and take it with you today..

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trust full and generous in spirit...TRUST is the first step to love..

image via crushculdesac


...I feel frolicky and  my dopamine goes silly...

my Friday will be most of you are done for the week, I am just starting..
Just want to take with me thoughts of good and being lucky.
Have a great weekend coming ahead..

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love is enough

" For if they never should have bitter they could not know the sweet."

images mangowatermelonlove,trishyrose,tumblr