I will be away on vacation and
  will let my day miraculously unfold itself...


pearl pins

I promise myself never to look back....but now I can't help it because I want to show you how I admired this beautiful mermaid pearl pins {which I am in a hunt for now!}
I am hoping I would find one...


body bag

I want this tiny little thing...



You smile....I smile...


change of weather

This sudden change of weather cause me to get sick. 
I feel old when I'm sick.I took some days off from work.
Our body is truly our wonderland...
We have to take care of it.
For now if you are out, have a big umbrella
you'll never know whom you're going to share it with....
Have a great start of the week!


my soul mate

they never walk away...
always with me
every step of the way
to guide me and always beside me
a true relationship indeed
I'm one of those lucky person who have found my perfect soul sole mates


all my love all my life

All my love...All my life
To receive and give a love like this.
I feel like hugging the pillow err the person.

"All"...such a few word and each other.


girl talk

oh its all about the little bird who told me.....

some mindless distraction from a far too serious world


cozying up

 Cozying up with thoughts about embracing uncertainty...
 believing the future is open.....not empty 
but for now enjoying moment to moment 
this shot is one happy day at a friends house

love versus fear

LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL ...fear is conditional LOVE IS STRONG ...fear is weak
LOVE RELEASES ...fear obligates...LOVE SURRENDERS ..fear binds
LOVE IS HONEST ..fear is deceitful..LOVE TRUSTS ...fear suspects.....
LOVE ALLOWS fear dictates... LOVE GIVES ...fear resists
LOVE FORGIVES ...fear blames...
LOVE CHOOSES ...fear avoids...LOVE IS KIND... fear is angry...
LOVE CREATES ...fear negates
LOVE HEALS... fear hurts..... LOVE IS MAGIC ...fear is superstitious
LOVE ENERGIZES ....fear saps.... LOVE INSPIRES ..fear worries
 LOVE IS PATIENT ...fear is nervous... LOVE IS BRAVE fear is afraid
LOVE IS RELAXED ....fear is pressured... LOVE IS BLIND fear is judgmental
LOVE RESPECTS fear disregards..... LOVE ACCEPTS ...fear rejects
LOVE ENJOYS ...fear suffers..LOVE FREES ...fear imprisons
LOVE BELIEVES ..fear deceives...LOVE “WANTS” ..fear “needs”

love versus fear...... what do you feel?

Reading this makes me realized that behind every fear..there is love.
Love shown in the wrong way.

Sarah Nean Bruce is a storyteller and filmmaker

happy little accidents

People come into your life to give you a lesson
though some lessons learned hits you the hardest
 be thankful to that person who broke your heart
 the trust and the love you give.
There is a saying "to trust one is to trust everyone"
without them you wont be cautious of giving away your heart and trust that easy

 just call it your one happy little accident.


a sisters shares childhood memories and grown up dreams...
-author unknown

This week is a celebration of my 2 sisters birthday.
Annabelle and Angelyn...I wrote their names  in order of age
Even if I can't be there on their birthdays..
In thoughts is a celebration itself!



life is like a glass full of chocolates...
you will never know what you're going to get
until you try.


glass slippers

The road to happiness does not end with a ring on your finger. Glass slippers are tucked within the hearts of strong and amazing women who have romanced themselves with adventures of hope and assurance. I believe that where there is hope, there is love. For the brokenhearted, there is healing. For the lonely, there is comfort. For the weary, there is rest. For the anguished, there is peace.

Words that encouraged me this morning.
by Christy H. Williams


pure bliss beautiful it is to do nothing...and to rest afterward....


sweet summer

sweet summer burn and summer winds....


summer lovin'

Summer...go barefoot 
and your heart 
just as free as your toes...


"its not goodbye...its just goodbye"

Blogging from day to day is an actual expression of thoughts and feelings.
This image reminds myself on focusing solely on the beauty of life. 
It's weeding out the wilted,thorns or simply the excess.
On the hindsight of every experience, we benefit in our courage to change.
No one can lead a positive life if you have a negative state of mind.
It is like "not a's just a goodbye..."


happy theraphy

there is nothing that a fabulous pair of shoes and
 a gorgeous handbags can't cure...