oh happy day!

being contented with what you have...and admiring that white feathered...


show love

even on highs and lows of it...



I am excited for spring...the newness of it.


holding on

some days are tighter..


kick up heels

Oh! Friday...what is it in you that makes Monday so jealous?

sweet spot

we do have our own place to open and close our eyes and see ourselves..
to decide to look simple or dare to be bold..to curl  hair or not...
Mine is the witness of  me having energy in a day..
or just plain tired of getting out of bed..
I ponder there..I wonder and think on what lies ahead...
check the expiry of my lotion if there is..
found things that I bought twice..
I beautify myself and give thanks there as well
my sweet spot is my joyful self.

words of love.

By your side I’ll stand
and your hand I’ll always hold.
I will never leave.
(Source: tylerknott)


blues of a woman

 a whirlwind of emotions.. a bad hair day..
scared after watching a breaking news..guilty of not driving the kids..quit or not to quit...losing forever the perfect lamp..not buying the perfect shoes..settling for a sweet bite size..
holding on to a loving feeling..a pants that don't fit...hurting words..
confusing moments..highs of love..holding tight.. 
 the only thing that would make me smile is this beautiful headboard 
and these powerful words of love.. I'l stand by you. 

click here to listen this beautiful song by Rod Stewart.


spring cleaning

 spring cleaning in my mind?...why not?
If I have more time I will do the picture below...seriously.

living in style

why not display your favourite bags as part of your own decor...


sunday thoughts

Silence, I discover, is something you can actually hear.


happy weekend!

I am sorry for the lack of post lately as I have been busy..
Hope the weekends helps...time to slow down...

a woman...

a woman is only helpless until her nail polish is dry...


be mine

 kiss me my darling...be mine tonight...



..flying kiss..goodbye kiss..hello kiss..kitty kisses
make sure it will be returned
give kiss the attention it deserves...

happy weekend!

I love all the sweetness, a weekend can bring...


beautiful lingeries...a promise of truth...I desire above all things...

the sweetness of friendship

...from Sanrio's love to the best anti aging product...describes my friendship with MARIDES. 
She actually is a mirror of myself...looks quiet but the truth is... we are both silly.
We laughed until our stomach hurts and we used codes...secret codes on private things that only me and her knows. 
...then MARIDEN came along...I was humbled by her simplicity. We always joked that I should never get her drunk or else she will spill all my secrets.
We've been through a lot and looking back now..we just shrug it off.
Though we are apart...we are never separated..

In Canada is where I met MARYROSE...its our passion for designs and our love for beauty products that started a friendship like soul sisters. We are confident in each others silence...we can easily get back where we left off as we go on our daily lives here.

There are some people that touch my life in so many ways too...like Cherry and some other ones that  in a short period of time becomes close to my heart. I am always grateful...and life is sweeter.

spirit of beauty

This week is the continuation of things that are near and dear to me....
I know Valentine's is supposed to be romantic with your partner but love in general is the same feeling of ecstatic emotion which I do for horses.
Riding makes me alert and the beauty of its arc makes me at ease...
I can't wait when the sun gives its generous warmth and riding gives me freedom and peace...



they say if you have more than one friend in your lifetime then you are lucky...what more if you have sisters to share your life with.
my sisters are my friends...we have grown and been through a lot...from sharing chocolates and sharing bags.....from fighting who will do the dishes to how long one will used the phone...from respecting wedding motif choices to analyzing what went wrong with the marriage...from dreaming how many child you will have to being content with what you got...from spilling your secrets to keeping it close only to their heart...from rejoicing with you to feeling the despair one's have...from being so close together to being miles apart....
everything will come and go and sisters always stay indeed.


perfectly fits...when there is love.

declaration of love

Happy February Everyone!
For the next few days I want to put a little theme and talk about love...