the sweetness of friendship

...from Sanrio's love to the best anti aging product...describes my friendship with MARIDES. 
She actually is a mirror of myself...looks quiet but the truth is... we are both silly.
We laughed until our stomach hurts and we used codes...secret codes on private things that only me and her knows. 
...then MARIDEN came along...I was humbled by her simplicity. We always joked that I should never get her drunk or else she will spill all my secrets.
We've been through a lot and looking back now..we just shrug it off.
Though we are apart...we are never separated..

In Canada is where I met MARYROSE...its our passion for designs and our love for beauty products that started a friendship like soul sisters. We are confident in each others silence...we can easily get back where we left off as we go on our daily lives here.

There are some people that touch my life in so many ways Cherry and some other ones that  in a short period of time becomes close to my heart. I am always grateful...and life is sweeter.