My 44th Birthday!

Yey!  My Birthday! 
When someone asked how old I am?.. Its either I will lie or reply I'm 30' ish or guess what..
But then long time ago I decided to always be faithful to myself ...but I guess I was not.
 Lately, I realized lying about my age is denying  part of my life and 
though some parts of it I really want to let go.
Now I decided to stop denying it and just continue to cherished what I become.  
I am posting this a day earlier for my facebook family and friends back home. 
I can say I am a little bit thrilled that I am actually a day younger because of the time difference..
I am happy that I can share through blogging all the wonderful moments that made me smile...
of course there will be some occasional sadness 
and somewhat lying about my age but just to amused...